Friday, 23 March 2012

'The Help'

Just a little note, but I watched a really incredible film the other day. It was called 'The Help' and I loved it that much I'm getting the DVD (serious commitment there!) and I also want to read the book now too.
The synopsis is pretty straight forward; Emma Stone is an aspiring author in the 1960's who is told by a New York editor she can have a job if she writes about something different. She lives in Jackson where rich white families employ the aid of black maids, and ultimately it's these maids that make the story - with their own stories. Their point of view, their hardships and the things they endure everyday result in uniting them and giving them a voice through 'Skeeter's' (Emma Stone) book.
Dangerous, funny, emotional and moving this film is now definitely in my top ten.
I believe that Jessica Chastain (who is beautiful) Viola Davies and Octavia Spencer were all nominated for Oscars for their portrayal of their characters in the film. Octavia Spencer actually received the Oscar and the BAFTA for best supporting actress, and after seeing the film I agree that it was well deserved! Emma Stone also won The People's Choice award for Best Movie Actress, I was quite surprised she wasn't nominated for more awards but with talent like hers I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities. She's one of my favourite actresses and quite simply I love her! (I'll probably post about how great she is one day haha)
Anyway, brill film with brill people and hopefully once I've read it I can say the novel was brill too.
If you haven't seen it, seriously, WATCH IT.

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