Friday, 23 March 2012

Me and my 'Ombre'

I'm quite enjoying having my hair 'ombre' at the minute, I officially took the plunge over a month ago now and never got round to talking about it. My hair has always just been a dark brown sort of colour, like most girls I've had red hair at one point, I dyed it back brown afterwards and just left it to return to my natural colour. After a year and a bit though I had gotten so bored! I admired the hair of Drew Barrymore and Ashleigh Simpson, and many of the girls that appeared on the internet suddenly had this trend. Of course, I'm very late in actually going for it, so I'm not going to talk about it as though it is something new! Instead I'm just going to say I like it, and I have it. Nearer the top of the 'ombre' my hair is a more gingery colour, and it is yellow in places so I am considering dying over it again. I haven't made the choice yet between keeping it dark blonde to light or making the ombre part light brown (to look more natural) 
It's a very risky step to take because as you can tell it is pretty much half of my hair that is dyed this way, and so like anyone else would, I'm nervous as to what will happen when I eventually want to change my hair back. I guess it will be another trip to the salon because I do not true myself to dye over this. I have dyed my hair before when it was all the same colour, but two different colours to work with is a bit too scary for an amateur like me!

Please excuse my pale face! But here are examples of what I'm working with at the minute, used in two different styles. I quite enjoy the 'grunge' look, so often i'll be plainly dressed in baggy tops and I think my hair fits well with this style when its tousled and I haven't really done much to it.
The second picture is me being a bit girlier (something that is probably going to happen a lot this season with all the pastel colours that are on trend) and basically I'm just showing that the 'ombre' hair style is pretty versatile! 
So whether you're girly, grungey or you just fancy a change like me, I definitely recommend this hairstyle!

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