Monday, 26 March 2012


Well technically, it's boot and shoe crush.

I've been lusting after some cowboy boots for God-knows how long now. And just when I fall in love with a pair, I get heartbroken by the price. Oh, if only! This pair by Browns Fashion are to die for, they're beautiful and even if I can't purchase them (at £395 they're a tad too much for me) I can still stare at them for as long as I like. I love the distressed leather look, it's most effective in my opinion with black leather and the washed out faded style makes them look new but worn. If that makes any sense? The embroidery on the boots is out of this world, it's not too OTT that you feel like people are just going to be staring at your legs, but nice enough to get you complimented wherever. It's understated patterning, thats what I like. Pair them with cute denim shorts or a skirt to rough up any look. Or jeans. Or basically anything. 
For now they'll look good printed off and stuck on my wall of 'I wish I could buy you but I can't' items.

Round two of shoe envy happened this morning.
I was again looking for cowboy boots and I came across these perfect little things in the Boutique section of Urban Outfitters. Well actually they aren't exactly little. The tan, the wood, the aztec pattern means these are perfect for summer. A cute maxi dress or midi skirt - black- with a pair of these would look beautiful. I love wooden heels on shoes and although these are massive (UO doesn't tell us the height but it's plain to see) they could work for both day time and night time wear. I'd love these for my holiday but at £160 a girl will have to dream. £160 for a gorgeous pair of shoes isn't too bad though, maybe I'll have to get saving!


  1. Cute shoes, hopefully you find some for a good price! :)

    XO J

  2. These shoes are amazing!!