Thursday, 17 May 2012

Disappointing Products!

As a bit of a foundation obssessive I've been on the same search as many girls out there for 'The One,' the 'Holy Grail' or whatever else you want to call it. I think I may have found it in Estèe Lauder Double Wear, but I thought I would quickly mention a few that I have been extremely disappointed with...

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
Drying. Flaky. Thick. Doesn't last - to put it simply!
 I tried this foundation a fair few years ago when I was 14 and I used to wear it all the time - at the time I thought it was great and repurchased frequently. I revisited it recently to try and remember why I liked it so much and honestly, I can't see why I wore it so often!
I think it was my go-to foundation because of the price and the shade range. It retails for about £5 - £7 usually (so cheap!) and comes in 15 shades which I think is quite reasonable. It was the foundation all the girls had at school and I guess it was just a case of having what they had? (Sounds very stupid now!)
The foundation isn't long lasting, it goes patchy after a while and feels so cakey when it's on your skin. As it's a mousse I find it doesn't sink into the skin well which I guess is how it works in making your skin look so 'matte' and 'airbrushed' Do not use this foundation if you have dry skin or even normal skin, stay clear because it clings to dry patches for dear life! (If you have oily skin you may be better off)
Overall the lack of moisture in this product really dehydrates your skin, there's nothing for your skin to drink and part of a good foundation is it's ability to keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy. Dream matte mousse doesn't last very long at all throughout the day and if you get dry patches - uh oh! I also think the size of the pot isn't very big and because you have to scoop it out, it doesn't have a very long life as sometimes being a bit over generous with scoops of foundation is something I'm guilty of (I prefer a pump!)

My second foundation that I wouldn't consider again is:
 Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 
Again this product isn't particularly long lasting, it's attempts at being 'matte' are feeble as I find it just slides off your face! This was definitely another foundation which left patchy areas and although it isn't as bad when it comes to dry areas, it doesn't do well at concealing or hiding any unwanted bits. I'm honestly just not a fan of this product and despite the inexpensive price, I would prefer to push the boat out and buy something more expensive that will give greater coverage and be more longlasting!
Both of the brands I have mentioned have produced other foundations that I love especially Rimmel as I don't think I could cope without my 25 Hour Lasting Foundation. I also know maybelline have a Satin Finish one that is also commendable, one of my friends swears by it!
I apologise for such a negative post but I hope this helps at least one person to not waste their money on disappointing products!

Emma xx

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