Monday, 7 May 2012

Long time no post!

This is just a quickie to say hi, and to write about what I've been up to because it feels like apart from tonight and a few bursts of posts last month, I havent written on here in ages! I have been a bit lazy with physically writing things for my blog (guilty as charged!) but I have been stuck on the internet like glue looking at other bloggers and truly soaking up the blogger world to see where I want to go with mine. During this time I discovered youtube. Well not so much 'discovered' youtube, if I had I'd probably be a bit richer by now, but I've been on it A LOT spying up on various beauty bloggers or 'vloggers' and I have a few favourites for you which I'm going to list. I've chosen these girls because their channels are full of a different beauty related videos and as well as being honest, critical and enthusiastic beauty/fashion obsessives, they all seem to have lovely personalities that are evident in their videos and genuinely seem like nice, friendly people!
The list:
Zoey/Schoee/Zoella -

Essie/Este -
Louise -
Fleur -
Anna -

I don't really know how 'famous' these girls are in the beauty blog world but I have been enjoying their videos and thought I'd share! I'm sure there are many more, but for now these are my firm favourites. I'll be sure to drop the links in of any others I find that are worth a mention! Maybe there will be room for my face on youtube one day, you never know haha.

Lastly before I go I'll just mention the other things that have been occupying my time! I'll put it simplyt; Art and English Language! I'm finishing my last year at sixth form so this past month has been very hectic! Luckily my English Language Investigation coursework has been finished and handed in (Phew!) and my Art exam, 15 hours we are talking here people, is over with! Do you have any interests like this? I especially love anything art-based and I'm always on the look out for new projects/ideas. If you know of anything or can converse in a arty-farty-nerdy way then feel free to drop a comment :) 

Emma xx

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