Monday, 7 May 2012

My Favourite Perfume...

Drum roll if you please!

My perfume of choice is Black XS by Paco Rabanne. You can get it for various prices depending on which size bottle you're after - I think it comes in 30ml, 50ml or 80ml. This is my go-to everyday perfume and is possibly my favourite smell ever! I bought it the same year as it debuted on the market because I really liked the packaging. It's so different from your more elegant looking perfumes, the mix of black and purpley-pink is bold and statement-making. I'd definitely describe it as one of the sexier packaged perfumes out there!
The scent inside is just divine. With base notes of cranberry, pink peppercorn, tamarind, helleboire noire rose, vanilla, massoia wood and patchouli, it blends together to create a floral but fruity composition which definitely feels sharp and spicy at first sniff! It is instantly attractive, much like the bottle itself. When I wear it personally I pick up on the sweetness of the cranberry fruit and vanilla, but also the earthy spice of the pink peppercorn and floral rose. I love anything that smells sweet and feminine, but not too sickly which makes this perfume perfect for me. You do have to be careful not to spray too much at first, because too much can be overwhelming as with any perfume, but a couple of squirts is just enough to have this scent lingering on you all day. My boyfriend also loves this perfume on me which just shows it's a hit with the men too!
I love Black XS because it is the epitome scent-wise of the 'inner rebel' that we all have lurking somewhere. It's vampy and gorgeous and sweet, and I don't think I could live without it! I do think as I get older I'd like to have this sort of attraction to a more womanly scent as I do feel this is quite young and strong. Not that it lacks in sophistication, but I want to embrace the Chanels' and other scents out there that scream out elegance and beauty. However, I will never not have this on my dressing table, I would miss it too much!

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