Thursday, 31 May 2012

Review: Freebies + Nail Varnish!

Today I did have a bit of a splurge seeing as Glamour have collaborated with Benefit again and in their June issue have 3 Benefit minis available. I managed to find the Bad Gal Lash mascara, and the POREfessional primer but none of the 'That Gal' glowy primer, boo! Anyway, as I couldn't find the third thing to complete my trio of Benefit freebies I looked to other magazines only to find that Marie Claire currently feature three different shades of the Ciate nail paint pots. The shade 'purple sherbert' caught my eye with it's pastelle lilac tones and tada, I bought.

So as you can see this shade is a perfect spring/summer colour. The final finish is really glossy and lovely. I've only been wearing it a couple of hours so I don't know how chip resistant it is, but I may update after a day and let you know. Although I love this colour I'm not entirely sure it suits me, I can't put my finger on why because I've had plenty of purple nail varnishes before! Maybe my skin tone is odd? I don't know! My only problem with this nail varnish was the application, first coat is a disappointment with it coming out quite transparent and you definitely need a second coat to build the colour up. I have three coats on purely because I love painting my nails and like the finish that three coats have! 

Despite an initial disappointment on application, the end result is nice so I'd definitely recommend - especially when they're a fraction of the price of what they usually sell for (which is £9) If i had spent £9 on this maybe I'd be more disappointed. But as Marie Claire is only £3.70 in the UK I'm considering going back to get the other two colours (A cute bubblegum pink shade and a pastel off-white shade) Plus, the packaging is extremely cute with the bow, and the bottle is slightly curved which is unusual. I am a sucker for pretty packaging so if the other shades aren't great at least they'll look cute on my shelf!

(Ps - 'Red' magazine also has some Jemma Kidd makeup featuring in their issues for next month. The eyeliner and mascara are available separately depending on which copy you buy and they're supposedly worth £29 together, so at the cost of one magazine thats another definite bargain. I don't know what's with all the brilliant freebies this month, but I love it!)

Emma xx

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