Sunday, 6 May 2012

Oils galore!

So one of my last posts mentioned (or praised the hell out of) Moroccan Oil. I said I'd review and and so here I go!

To sum up, I love it. I think if you can spend £30 every so often on one hair product then this should be it. It lasts quite a while, whether you buy a smaller bottle or a larger one it is definitely not one of those products you use all in one go and think 'damn, what a waste' but neither is it one of those products that you try and completely forget to use again.

I apply it either when my hair is damp before I dry it to give a luscious silky feeling after blow drying, or I apply it on days where I feel my hair needs a little softening and shine.

It has indeed been hyped about in the blogger world- and for good reason!

However, if you are strapped for cash (like I am most of the time - damn being a student!) then I have a pretty good alternative that I sneakily put into the shopping basket when me and my boyfriend were in Boots. It is -think drum roll sound effects- the Lee Stafford Argan Oil pictured below!

This product is an absolute gem and for a fraction of the price is definitely worth a try! (Retailing at around £11) As you can get Lee Stafford products pretty much anywhere where there is a Boots store then it is a lot easier to come across. From my experiences (I dont know if yours will be any different?) I could only find Moroccan Oil in certain Salons and it was definitely not available on the High Street! You can still purchase both easily off the internet but sometimes I think it's nicer to have seen and held the product you're going to buy!
Many people will be a lot more familiar with Lee Stafford products considering the popularity of the brand and Salon chain. It's a funny story actually because I was kind of swayed into using Lee Stafford hair care by my boyfriend! Although they're a bit of a girly product (Hello bright pink packaging) he uses the dry shampoo religiously and the smell of it, like all other Lee Stafford products, was just lovely!
I have been using this Argan Oil for a few weeks now and it's so simple to use, especially with the pump top that means you can squirt the exact amount you need into your palm.
With any oil, after I have a small amount in my fingers (lets say a bit larger than pea size) I them together and just tousle them through the ends of my hair. On days where my hair is a bit lack-luster and even a bit on the frizzy side I put the product a bit higher up, more in the mid length section of my hair and again tousle downwards to the ends. I think because this product is an oil it is important to not put much, if any, at the top of your hair nearer the roots. This can result in a greasy look, especially if you are prone to an odd greasy haired day or you forget to massage it in properly!
The result is silky-smooth stroke-able hair. Honestly, once I'd tried both this and Moroccan Oil for the first time I'd just repeatedly be running my fingers through my hair! Since using Lee Stafford's Argan Oil I have been noticing that my hair is so much healthier and shinier, which of course is expected with anything that has been dubbed 'Miracle Oil'
Lee Stafford have a whole range of Argan Oil products on the shelves now, and my hair has never been so soft since I've also been making use of the conditioner in this range!
If you want luxuriously soft and sleek hair I would definitely recommend Moroccan Oil. If you want the same result for just over a third of the price, then it's Lee Stafford all the way.
What are you waiting for?!

Emma xx


  1. i love the morrocan oil but sometimes it feels a little heavy on my hair, i think they do a lighter version which i'd like to try. i look forward to reading more of your posts. shall we follow each other :) xxx

  2. Yes lets! :)
    And I totally get what you mean with the Moroccan Oil, thats why often the less cheaper ones are good, I'm obsessed with the lee stafford stuff anyway haha. xxxx

  3. I absolutely love Moroccan Oil, cannot praise it enough! :)