Thursday, 10 May 2012

Urban Decay Ammo

The Urban Decay Ammo palette is one of the less talked about palettes in terms of the sets that have been produced by Urban Decay. It was one of the first palettes I purchased when I was younger and just getting into makeup and it resulted in what I can only call my love affair with Urban Decay. In terms of eyeshadows, I think Urban Decay have got it down to just about perfection! They are famous for their eyeshadow and all palettes have proven popular with so many cosmetic buyers.
The design of the palette itself is so pretty, the use of velvet on the lid gives it texture although after a while it is prone to dust. The pattern on the top slightly gothic but non-the-less pretty, the use of a gun and skull suggests it may be targeted at younger buyers, I bought this when I was 17 and personally loved it though. As the palette is black it is a nightmare to keep clean! There will always be something I get on this whether it's foundation-grubby fingerprints or a spillage of some sort of powder, black packaging just seems to attract dirt with me!
The mirror inside is useful because it's quite large, always a plus. Although I don't think it's a necessity because I don't tend to carry palettes around with me and prefer applying in front of a bigger mirror at home anyway. Urban Decay included an applicator too, which is kind of expected with palettes but I personally don't find these sorts the most useful as I prefer a brush to apply and blend and generally work better with longer brushes.
In terms of the actual eyeshadows I find the palettes better value for money considering that £13 per eyeshadow is the cost of just a single, yet a palette would retail at around £27 so if you do the math you have ten eyeshadows there for the price of two (and a bit) singles!
The colours Urban Decay have chosen are a bit hit and miss in my opinion. Some people may agree, some may disagree but personally I like either dark smokey eyes or more neutral brown colours on the eyes. I find in this palette that they come in pairs that compliment each-other well which is a useful indicator of how to apply! All shades in this range have shimmer pigments in them and in terms of colour really pigment well. There is little or no fallout which is great because lets face it, who wants a dusty eyeshadow face after you've just spent ten minutes doing your foundation routine!
On to the shades...
Smog: A golden brown shade with a green tone which is complimentary on olive skin tones.
Maui Wowie: Smog's partner I guess! These two are my most used in this palette and provide a great neutral smokey eye.
Mildew and Shattered: My most unused pair! I just don't tend to put colour on my eyes but thats a personal preference. I think these colours would look particularly good on red-haired girls.
Oil Slick:A good sparkly black, I've used this before instead of eyeline for a night out because I feel the sparkles add that extra glamourous feeling!
Polyester Bride: Good for highlighting and blending with the other colours, or for putting in the corners of your eyes to make them pop.
Last Call and Grifter: Again not my favourites because they are more pink based, and I like to save the pink for lips and cheeks!
Chopper and Sin: My other favourites as they are more natural, softer colours, perfect for an everyday look. 

I really like this palette despite not using four of the eyeshadows included! If you're a lover of neutral eyes like me then I'd recommend investing in one of the Naked palettes. However if you like a bit of everything, and you want a smaller palette this will be right up your street.

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