Friday, 8 June 2012

Davidoff: Adventure

So a few weeks ago I did 'My favourite perfume' post where I basically raved on and on about Black XS by Paco Rabanne. Today I'm going to do a similar thing but with my boyfriends perfume of choice 'Adventure' by Davidoff. It makes sense; he wears it everyday, I smell it everyday and it's just a really good signature scent for a man to have.

Firstly the packaging is nice, not attempting to be too manly here which is right up David's street as he doesn't like anything OTT, he prefers no fuss items like a lot of men do (I seriously cringe at men's perfumes that come in the shape of weights or a fist!) Secondly as you may have noticed; David...Davidoff. Yes, he might have chosen this because of the name (thank god that was a whim that turned out smelling good!) The bottle is simple, squarish with a silver metal top and you can see the product inside which I always think is a plus because you know when you need to repurchase. It retails for around the £20 mark to the £50 mark depending on what size or set you want to purchase. I have seen it at about £30 to £35 in Boots recently which is great value for money! It's not that expensive because it came out quite a while ago. You can also choose between a perfume and an eu de toilette - the eu de toilette tends to be stronger as it's for aftershave purposes. It hangs around longer but in my opinion both smell good!

From a girl's point of view, the way your boyfriend smells is so important and as for this perfume you can't really go wrong. It's so, so nice - practically irresistible (in a good way!) The base notes are cedar wood, white musk and vetiver with top notes of mandarin, lemon, black pepper, bergamot and mate leaves. I think when my boyfriends wearing it I can't really pick out one key scent which shows that its a good blend of all of them but generally I would say it's citrusy with a bit of spice and wooden undertones.

It lasts quite a while, David will spray it at 8 when he's getting ready for work and I'll still be able to smell it when he comes home.
I don't know whether I'm biased towards this product because my boyfriend wears it... but I do think it's a gorgeous, sexy scent on a man. It's not musky and it doesn't have that sort of in-your-face vibe that some mens products do (Lynx, I am looking at you)It's understated but the sort of scent that you want to keep smelling! (Crazy girlfriend here, guilty of stealing the boys hoodie because it smells good!) If you're wondering what fragrance to get your boyfriend or even just a male friend I would definitely suggest this.
(Plus Ewan McGregor on the advertising campaign, yum!)

Which male scents do you like? Any that you could recommend giving a whiff?

Emma xx

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