Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Estèe Lauder Advance Night Repair

This is my first post that comes under the category of skin care, I've only recently this year become interested in it so saying there are a vast array of products out there for me to try is an understatement! Before recently I would just use baby lotion or a face wipe to remove makeup, maybe sometimes a face wash but that's about it! I now know there's so much more out there. This product has changed my life, or slightly dramatically it's changed my face and outlook on skincare haha.

There is is second in from the right, This is from when I got the set.

Up close

I now am a firm believer that, there's no point in having nice makeup if you don't have a nice healthy looking base to start with -kind of like how an artist wouldn't use a saggy, bad quality canvas for a work of art (Not saying my face is a work of art or anything ha!) Now I try to keep my skin looking and feeling as good as possible, and it is definitely with the aid of this gem of a product.

Advance Night Repair is incredible. A bold statement I hear you say? Well yes, but one that I cannot emphasise enough how true it is. I got the ANR in my free Estèe Lauder makeup bag and although I currently only own a sample size (and I'm rationing it as I don't want it to end) it is enough to notice a massive difference in the texture and health of my skin. The bottle looks classic and elegant as every Estèe Lauder product does. My sample size opens with a screw top lid but I the larger ones come with a pipette in the lid for easier application.

What I do is pop a little of this onto my face after I've cleansed and toned and rub it in, particularly around the t-zone area where I get most build up of oil, dirt and yucky things. Sometimes I moisturise before and sometimes I moisturise after but honestly this serum is so nourishing anyway I probably don't need to.  You may be dubious about the fact it's a serum, about it's heaviness or oiliness but honestly it's none of those things. It sinks into the skin so easily and tackles those problem areas by reducing their ugliness. It's won awards in the beauty world for how god-damn good it is and I can definitely see why! I use this before I go to bed at night, and afterwards my skin feels plumper, juicier, fuller, healthier and looks so much nicer too because it literally is repairing my skin. It's so good for blemishes and spots as it works in helping them disappear and helping the skin recover. It reduces the appearance of past damage, prevents any future damage, is anti-ageing (not something my 18 year old self is too concerned with!) and it is extremely hydrating. I can't use enough adjectives to describe how good quality this product is and how much I want need to invest in the full size! 
The only downside is the price, the 30ml is £41, or for the full 50ml it's around £55. So expensive but so worth it, more worth it to get the 50ml too as you're getting an extra 20ml for around £15! Despite the price this will last such a long time - my teeny sample has lasted a month so far with me rationing it and I still have some left! It's also good to keep in mind that you are paying for a top brand product too and one that there are tonnes of reviews on since there was a hype about it a while ago. Some people have moaned about the smell but I honestly haven't even noticed it, if there is one then I don't find it to be making my face stink noticeably but the fact it isn't fragrant or perfumey is good - it emphasises even more to me that it is an untampered and pure product to be putting on your face. Best of all it works for all skin types - hence why it has won so many awards.

If you've never tried this product before, I urge you to! The difference in your skin is like instant gratification and with continuous use leads to a healthier and more hydrated looking complexion. I honestly need to stop writing now because I cannot rave anymore about this!

What are you skincare holy grails? Have you tried this? If you have any skincare recommendations let me know, as I have no clue what to buy!

Emma xx

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