Saturday, 23 June 2012


Quiff! Everyone loves a good quiff don't they? Well I do anyway. I have long hair that often gets in my way so sometimes I just pin the bits up that are nearer the front to give my face some breathing space (rhyme alert.) I like a lot of volume in the quiff and around the crown of my head just so it looks a bit more lively and full, as my hair when it's straight can go flat sometimes. I backcomb my hair a fair bit, but not enough that it's impossible to detangle later on (and it's no way near the amount of backcombing I used to do when I was younger and a full on greb haha)

Sorry for pouty face, I was being stupid! (Plus you can't see the top of the quiff but you get what it looks like)

This isn't actually my hair today as my hair today is refusing to behave, but a couple of days ago I wore my hair like this when I went out for a meal with my family. It was my cousins birthday and we went to an 'All you can eat' style restaurant and they literally had food from every culture imaginable, it was crazy! However I'm a bit weird with 'All you can eats' as I think there's so much food, so many contrasting dishes and smells and flavours that I never really know what to eat and I just end up not fancying much! So they all kept going back for more and I just had a main and a dessert, boring aren't I! I've not been up to much this week, just watching an insane amount of youtube and relaxing after my final exam was done on wednesday... It went okay, I'm just relieved they're all over! I also went shopping on Friday with my boyfriend's sister as she was in desperate need of clothes, I bought one thing and it was one heck of a bargain - I'll blog about it tomorrow because I think it's that much of an amazing purchase that it deserves it's own post! I love it when shopping trips are all-round successful not just for yourself but for whoever you go with, it means smiles all round! Tomorrow I'm seeing my Daddio and going to look round the exhibition at school with the boy and the family,

What have you been up to recently? Do you ever do this style with your own hair?

Emma xx

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