Monday, 11 June 2012

MAC Lipstick

This was my first ever Mac lipstick and joint first Mac product that I ever bought! I got it from New York a couple of years ago and I've recently re-fallen in love with it. I can't remember how many dollars I paid for it but in the UK they retail for £13.50. I played it safe with my shade choice and opted for a nude cremesheen called 'Creme Cup' I'm unaware as to whether this is a popular choice in the Mac lipstick collection but to be honest they all are and people who love makeup generally have a lot of appreciation for all Mac lipsticks! As you can see it is a pale pink that has blue undertones with a hint of brown too, making it the perfect neutral. The blue undertones aren't exagrated which is one of the reasons I like it so much. It's more pink than is possibly translated by the picture but it still looks natural and I don't actually think there is a skin tone out there that this lipstick wouldn't complement. As the name suggests it's a very creamy formula yet it doesn't feel sticky. It can however feel a little heavy or thick but I don't mind this sometimes because it's how I can tell it's still there and I don't need to reapply! I like how it coats the lips, I find myself rubbing them together a hell of a lot when wearing this - I wouldn't say the finish was matte, more natural and well creamy (duh, as the name suggests again!) with a bit of shine. The pigmentation is good too, it allows you to layer it up for a more intense colour but even if you were to wear one coat it's still visible. The buying of this lipstick obviously resulted in more Mac lipsticks because they are so worth the money, such good value and the vast array of shades you get to pick from is incredible. Overall a think a Mac lipstick is a staple item in any makeup junkie's dressing table/makeup box/whatever you use! Which is your favourite? 

I have a huge list of Mac lip products to invest in, what do you recommend? What Mac lipstick shade is your favourite?

(ps I'm trying out a new font, new design and new header for my blog - is it any better. I can't decide what I want!)

Emma xx

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