Friday, 29 June 2012

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

So I heard that MUA are due to bring out another palette (maybe two, or am I dreaming?) in July and so a month ago I decided to purchase one of their palettes that has been out for a while now, so that I could kind of compare with the new one and sort of test the water to see what the quality was like. For the measly £4 it was I can tell you now that I am very impressed! I've had a good few weeks to try it and I generally think this is a great palette for a lover of neutral colours - there are multiple looks you can create and I just think it's brilliant for people who are perhaps on a budget or are just getting into makeup for the first time. For me, I was just being nosey and wanted to see what it would be like because I often ignore cheaper brands(Sleek, MUA etc, not meaning Maybelline etc!) especially ones that are available in Superdrug because I tend to shop more in Boots. I'd heard promising things from other reviews and wanted to know what the fuss was about!

Like I said, the packaging isn't amazing but all in the name of a low cost product!
These are the colours in daytime

The packaging is simple, it's a little cheap but then again it was £4 and you shouldn't expect anything too grand! There is also a lack of a mirror which I guess it what also keeps the cost down but would have been handy if you forget them from time to time like me!

I've also used the applicator supplied and it is rubbish, I'd recommend using a brush as its so much easier.

 An attempt at a close up of all the shades - my camera isn't brillant though :( Again, daytime version of the colours

The shades themselves are really well pigmented, they are also really good when it comes to blending but some of the darker shades take a little longer. When using a brush the eyeshadows tend to powder up a bit more so there is more of a chance of having some of the product fall onto your face when applying. I didn't find this for all of the shades but I'd definitely suggest tapping excess product off first before you apply. There are a good range of shades from really light to very dark browns, however you don't have a combination of matte and shimmer shades which again for the price is forgivable. I like shimmery shades anyway so that isn't a real negative for me! It's a shame that the shades don't have names, so I can't point out my favourites individually but I like the paler champagne colours for an easy all over lid and your warm browns or bronzey tones too as they work great on blue eyes (opposite of colour spectrum and all that!)

As you can tell, I've been using mine quite a bit! These are the shades under false lighting which is why they look slightly different!

I was going to blog about this sooner, but around the same time I got this, I got my Urban Decay Naked palette and although I do like this MUA one a lot, I was more excited about testing my Naked palette and have generally been going to that a lot more. I think that the quality of Urban Decay is unbeatable and their palettes are just must haves, however as a cheap alternative MUA are very commendable and I would still recommend this because for your money you're getting a great palette that fights a strong battle against higher end products!

Overall I will be getting a lot of use out of this, possibly when I travel or if I don't have my Naked palette with me. It's a cheap but really great alternative and I know I keep talking about the price but for £4 you can't really go wrong!

Emma xx

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