Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Style - New Boots

I bought new boots! And it is safe to say that I am in love with them, I haven't taken them off since I got them - do you ever do that with new shoes? I also keep them out when I'm not wearing them, just so I can look over occasionally with pride haha (Loser!) I mentioned these in yesterdays post and quite rightly these deserve a post of their own.

Anyway, to read this post you have to pretend it's not June... In my defence it was raining and cold and horrible and I've wanted new boots for ages. I wasn't planning on buying anything when I went shopping on Friday but I saw these and instantly liked them. They were originally £95 from Topshop, and had been reduced first to £50 and then to £30, which is more than half price! I was amazed at how much of a bargain it was and couldn't say no. They fit so nicely and are really comfy! The toe is rounded and the sole makes them look a bit like Chelsea boots and the leg part comes up quite high, to just below my knee. The heel is probably about an inch, they are flats but not so flat that you feel like you're in your slippers if you get me! I've been wearing them with cream long socks and leggings but I know they'll look great with jeans and skirts etc. They pretty much go with everything! Overall they are just a lovely pair of boots for daytime which I'm enjoying wearing now due to the horrid weather, but I'm sure I'll get the most out of them when it properly goes back to being Autumn and Winter! Definitely my best purchase of the year so far because I still can't get over how much of a bargain they were, I may have fallen back in love with sales!

As you can see they're like a darker than tan shade of brown, perfect because they're casual yet still look, in my opinion, classy and rather expensive!

I'm happy I bought these, and can see myself wearing them a lot. What's your best purchase of the year so far?

Emma xx

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