Monday, 25 June 2012

My Style: Shirts

These four tops are all recent purchases of mine and I think they represent me and the way I like to dress so well -this is my favourite style of top to wear and although there isn't much variation in colour (I'm not too daring with colour) I think they're all really pretty and can be dressed up or down for numerous occasions! I've worn all with either skinny black or blue jeans, leggings or skirts. I particluarly like pairing all but the first one with my leather pleated skirt from Ark. I think they're all a great way to be girly without being too OTT and going head to toe in florals or super-bright colours.

From L to R: Topshop Lace Collar Pleat Swing Top: £32, Topshop Chiffon Embellished Vest (This was a present) Zara Shirt with Peal Detail Collar: £29.99, Zara Leopard Print Long Sleeve Shirt: £29.99
My favourites are my newest collared shirts from Zara

 This is my favourite shirt - I love that it's 'leopard print' but not actually your traditional leopard print, just a print of leopard heads!  

 I really love beading and embellishment, studded collars and subtle prints are my favourite way to add something interesting to an outfit!
  The gold stud accents on this shirt add another level of detail that I really like! I also like that the pattern is continued on to the collar as well. 

 The embellishment of this top is so pretty, however I'm always concious of being really careful with it because they're so delicate and a couple have fallen off.
The lace collar detail here makes it slightly different to anything I've seen before, I love the pleats too which I hope aren't too grandma-ey (I really don't like that look!) The top itself is quite a baggy fit as there is a lot of movement in the pleats so I sometimes tuck in into tight jeans or a skirt to give my figure a little more structure!

Recently these shirts have become the base for many of my go-to outfits! They are so easy to match things with and create a pretty but classy look which I like a lot. All look great with my  leather jacket too which I love as it adds a bit of an edge to any outfit. I have many more shirts in my wardrobe but I chose these four as they are my newest and are generally a look that I think suits me quite well. I particularly am loving Zara for their shirts recently and if you're looking for something similar I would definitely suggest Zara as I think it's slightly cheaper than Topshop which can be a bit too overpriced sometimes!

What's your favourite style of top to wear? Do you like bright colours or are you more a lover of subtle understated prints or embellishment like me?

Emma xx

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