Tuesday, 12 June 2012

No7 Liplicious Moisturising Balm

I got this lipgloss/ balm as a gift from a friend, it isn't life changing, hasn't made me want to rush out and get another but I actually think it's a nice little product to keep in your handbag. 

I'm not usually bothered about lip-glosses, past experiences can only be described as uncomfortable sticky and gloopy messes. Plus I have such long hair and live in England, which sums up the whole hair in gloss situation that a lot of you are probably familiar with. 

Shade Caramel

However I really like this little product, it's dinky and cute in size and is just a nice thing to carry round when you think your lips need some moisture. It's shade Caramel which is a lovely nude pink with brown tones and a teeny bit of sparkle, so for days when you want something more glamourous than a bit of vaseline, it's perfect! It just adds a little bit more glamour to an everyday look which I really like.

My lips are quite coloured - for want of a better phrase. I have had people in the past ask me what lipstick I'm wearing when in all honesty I haven't been wearing any! I'd say my lips are a rosey pink colour, quite muted but natural (duh because it's skin Emma!) Anyway, for daytime looks I tend to work with the natural shade of my lips and just accentuate it a little with things like this, it adds a glaze look over the top, evens out the colour and genuinely makes them look a bit nicer! It also has spf 10 which is always great, and has made me think that I shall perhaps take it on holiday as it weighs next to nothing and there is no fear, like with lipsticks, that it will melt and be ruined. I have noticed that the packaging is different now, which is good because I hate squeezey tubes, I always squeeze to much out. So this has actually changed my mind and maybe think I'll try out the new packaging. As for shade selection, I don't think there's many. They aren't pigmented overly anyway because it's a moisturising gloss so it's more focussed on the scientific helping-your-lips properties than providing dramatic colour. I also think they're a tad overpriced at £10 from Boots, I'd think around the £7 mark would be more appropriate but then again the brand is reliable and the formula is good so maybe it's just me!

Overall a nice little gloss to bring to your attention! There are probably better ones in the world but I quite like this and I do think my lips feel nicer after I've used this.

Have you tried this product? Which are your favourite lip-glosses?

Emma xx

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