Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I've been a little absent recently, and my reasons why will sound like absolute rubbish but once tomorrow morning is over and done with I am officially free from all exam stress and sixth formy stuff and I can happily blog without feeling guilty about it because I'm supposed to be doing something else! (Definitely me right now) Currently I'm revising for my A2 English Literature exam which starts at 8:45 tomorrow. Eek. However I've done so much over revision during the daytime I seem to have lost track of the days and it's crept up on me quicker than I would have liked! Chaucer, Othello and Dr Faustus are what's staring at me right now and I'm panicking slightly because I should be able to remember more quotes and critics than I do!
Last week I had my A2 English Language re-sit (hands up if you flunked first time cough cough) and I think it went okay! I revised a lot for that because it was a re-sit and I thought it would be a bit shameful to do badly twice. 
Also last week I spent the majority of my time finishing an art project/thing. Slowly but surely I aim to set up a little business on the side where I'll do paintings/drawings and whatnot for people. I want to exhibit my work too and generally just run a cute little arty shop where people can have a nosey and possibly buy some of my work. My boyfriends colleague asked me to do a painting of his 1 year old daughter so that took up a lot of time and effort last week as I really wanted to get that done! I may do a post about it on here and/or on my other Art blog, not sure yet! As you can tell, I really need to get organised now that I have the time to! I think in the end him and his wife really liked it so that was good. On Friday night we went to their's with some other people to watch the England match and I got to see my work had taken pride of place on one of their shelves which is a relief knowing that they were sort of showcasing it.
I  spent a couple of days last week back in at my Sixth Form putting up my work for their annual summer art exhibition too. It officially opens on Friday so I'll take a few photos - it's always a really weird moment seeing your work up like that. Pride I guess but I'm such a perfectionist I always focus on the bits I don't like, such a bad habit of mine! Putting your work up doesn't take that long but for some reason I was exhausted afterwards. 
I've also been shopping and my boyfriend treated me to the Naked palette! We bought things for Father's day which turned out to be quite a nice chilled out Sunday afternoon with my Dad.
Overall, I feel like I've done so much when to some people it probably sounds like nothing! I'm looking forward to the end of my exam tomorrow when the real relief of leaving school can kick in and I can truly relax. Maybe my boyfriend or parents will treat me (fingers crossed!) for now, I leave you with a bit of a promise for more posts in the future. I might make a Wednesday Wishlist post for tomorrow if I get chance!

Emma xx

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