Friday, 1 June 2012

Review: Cheap and Cheerful Mascara

So I have a vast array of mascaras, and I'm always open to trying new ones wether they are high end or slightly on the cheaper side. Some of the best mascaras I use are more on the affordable side of the market which is why I think that it's not vital to own the most expensive one available - there are other mascaras out there that are just as good if not better!
Today I'm telling you about the NYC High Definition Volumizing mascara, which retails at £3.99 and you can get it at Superdrug in the UK. This isn't one of the most talked about or popular drugstore makeup brands but I used it one day on a bit of a whim and I've found myself reaching for it more, and time and time again being impressed with the result.

So the wand is quite thin, with plastic/rubber bristles at the end rather than the more bushy looking fibre based ones that some products have. I think this is really good that the brush is plastic as the individual bristles are less likely to stick together and they don't get clogged up with too much product, due to them being stronger. Because of this you are less likely to end up with clumpy lashes or too much mascara on your lashes which can feel quite heavy. However a generous amount of product is still be applied to the lashes with this wand. The plus side of it being quite a thin brush is that you can get the smaller lashes that are quite hard to catch usually - the adds volume to your lashes and gives the illusion of more.

The aim of this mascara is to define and volumize, and for me I can definitely see the definition, making me look as though I have way more lashes and that they are considerably thicker yet still natural - a tick in the box for me! However a key feature of this mascara that I have found is that it actually lengthens my lashes too - after a few lashings of the product my eyes look wider and more open not only because my lashes are more defined, but because of the extra length. And I'm talking having-to-not-blink-until-they're-dry-cause-they're-too-long length! This is always a plus for me because my eyelashes are naturally curled, but always need a boost for the length.

After a few hours of wear it does tend to dry up, not to the extend of becoming flakey but the finish you get after applying doesn't last for more than a few hours - a definitie downside but at less than £4 I'm not too fussed. The lashes can feel quite hard if you apply too much which is okay because it keeps the shape once it's dried, but obviously isn't nice or soft to the touch. However I do think for what you pay it's great value and I'd consider getting another in the future.

So we have volume? Yes. Lash definition and separation? Yes. And a length boosting bonus? Yes. It definitely ticks all my boxes! All in all if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful, and don't mind the garish orange packaging then go out and get this! I'd definitely recommend :)

Emma xx

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