Friday, 8 June 2012

Review: Estèe Lauder Double Wear

So Double Wear is a long lasting, medium to full coverage foundation that provides a soft and smooth finish that is somewhere between natural and semi-matte (without looking heavy or cakey) I'd be lying if I said I wasn't obsessed with it and hadn't got my friends to become obsessed too! When wearing this foundation I get so many compliments on my skin and I personally when I first tried it was astounded with the finish, which felt and looked so smooth and flawless (I couldn't stop looking at my skin, or stroking random parts of my face haha)
It retails at £26 at Boots where I got it from and to find the perfect shade for me I got the girl working on the beauty counter to match me. I am Ecru which is fairly pale but with neutral pigments as I tend to have skin on the more olive-y side (especially when I tan!) The girl said I could have been Bone as well, which probably is true and I'm considering getting that one as well for days when I have a bit more colour. 

This foundation looks classy as soon as you set your eyes on it. The frosted glass bottle, the gold lid - it all just screams elegance and luxury. I wish this had a pump for easier control of how much product comes out, but at the same time I wouldn't want to change anything about the packaging because it's so pretty.

You really don't need a lot of this foundation at all when it comes to applying. I'd say a pea-size covers my face for everyday wear and if I was going anywhere where I wanted to look extra flawless I'd possibly add another coat. You can add quite a bit of the product and still not look cakey or like you're wearing anything on your face. I find that it looks really natural, but semi-matte in the sense that it controls shine. I find that it is truly a 'my skin but better' effect, it minimizes my pores and evens out my complexion. My only niggle a this is that I wish they did a version without spf so I could wear it for photos! I haven't had that bad a problem so far but I'm always self conscious of ghost-face if I have this on!

The coverage is great! I would say it is medium to full - you can definitely build it up which is brilliant because it feels so light and dries quickly on the face. Some people have said they had problems with it oxidising, but I haven't! Maybe it was their shade or the light? Other people have claimed this is too heavy to wear everyday - I disagree here too. I have Revlon Colourstay and Mac Studio Fix and it isn't half as heavy as either of those two! For a liquid foundation this is great because it doesn't feel like it sticks to your skin, or that you have to powder over the top to reduce shine.

People have said that you have to be careful when applying this because it dries so quickly. A bit over dramatic I would say but it does dry in the sense that you don't have a wet sticky feeling for a few minutes after like with some foundations. I do my face in sections after applying moisturiser and concealer and generally like the fact it dries quickly because it means I can get on with other parts of my face! Double Wear also claims to last for 15 hours - I'd never keep foundation on that long anyway but it does last for the whole time I do wear it which is between 6 - 10 hours of the day! I never really retouch it either. It's also non-transferable which is great because I hate having to get foundation stains out of the collars of my shirts!
I honestly cannot rave about this foundation enough. It's perfect for me! I am looking to try the Double Wear Light, possibly for summer. But for now thats it. A bit of a long winded one from me (sorry!) but an honest and thorough one all the same.

Do you like Estee Lauder foundations? What's your favourite foundation at the minute? Can you recommend a good foundation for nights out with guarantee of no ghost-face?!

Emma xx

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