Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Topshop Lipstick Anyone?

They keep adding more and more shades to the line and in turn I keep buying them. Gah! I recently bought Whimsical and Infrared.

So the one above is 'Infrared.' It's a lovely orange toned red that I enjoy wearing because it's so different to anything I have ever tried before. (I have to apologise for just how pale I look in both these photos - foundations with spf in them are so annoying!) Anyway, when I've wanted a more dramatic lip colour in the past I've chosen a shocking pink or a red so this is different for me. It's very pigmented which is good and the texture is creamy but not too wet which I like. It gives a really nice finish - kind of matte but with a shine to it. It's very bright but as I was standing next to a window in the photo it is probably looking it's brightest and I'd say that in other lights it's not this shocking. You can wear this day to day to glam up a simple outfit or use it as a dramatic lip colour for a night out. It looks lovely with slightly flushed cheeks and a champagne colour eyesadow.
I find £8 per lipstick quite reasonable for this lipstick because the pigmentation is brilliant. It's not the most long lasting but definitely worth the pennies spent. I really like this lipstick and I've been reaching for it a lot recently, I'm definitely developing a love for orange lipstick!

This shade is called 'Whimsical' I ordered this from the Topshop website and personally think the colour representation on the website isn't quite true to what it really looks like. I thought this would be a lovely subtle nude-pink shade, slightly peachy that I could wear everyday. It's more pink than I expected and a lot brighter. I'm indecisive as to whether this actually suits my skin tone but I'm working with it for now! I love the packaging of the lipstick, as with all Topshop makeup the products physically look good (but get so dirty and are so difficult to clean!) I found this lipstick to actually cling to the drier parts of my lips and the crease and lines on them kind of were made more obvious by wearing the lipstick. It's not my favourite and I think if I were to go back and buy another Topshop lipstick I'd probably choose the more dramatic colours and not the neutral/nude ones because I think the formula and wear of them is slightly better. I'm going to keep trying this lipstick to see whether I grow to love it any more but at the minute I'm still looking for another everyday lip shade that acts as 'my lips but better' which I don't think this is. I think for the price you could get a better lipstick than this, better in shade and in the consistency.

What do you think of Topshop lipsticks? Which shades do you prefer? Does anyone agree with me that paying a bit extra for a MAC lipstick would pay off more than buying other cheaper brands?!

Emma xx

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