Friday, 13 July 2012

Liz Earl Series: Cleanse and Polish

It was obvious with any Liz Earle purchase that this would be one of my products of choice. It's well loved and has great reviews - and for good reason too as I really, really love it. 
You can get various sizes of this at various prices which is good, however I got the 100ml size hoping it would last me a while. The packaging is nice and simple keeping with the typical Liz Earle style and what I love about this 100ml size is that it comes with a pump for easy controlled application.

The idea of this product is simple, but so, so effective. You take a pump or however much is needed - I usually go for half a pump as my face is quite small - and massage it into dry skin. I like to leave it a minute to try and let it really sink it and thus you have the cleansing step. After the application, you take your hot and wet muslin cloth as instructed and gently buff away the cream as you buff you're also gently exfoliating which again is another great plus as it's removing all the dead skin and dirt. Ideally you use a different part of the cloth for each different part of your face - this is how you polish!

Sometimes, if I have a bit more time I use my muslin cloth and drape it over my whole face. The cloth has to be really hot for this. I feel as though it's acting as one of those steaming treatments like if you had held your face over a bowl of boiling water. It opens my pores and lets the product really tackle the dirt on my face and I generally feel as though this gives me a slightly deeper cleanse! You don't have to do this though - and I only do it occasionally so don't worry if you think it's weird!

I like to use this after I've removed my makeup which I usually take of with Johnson's Baby Lotion. (Don't ask why, it's just something I've always done since I was younger as instructed by my Mum. I do realise I'm not a baby!) Or I use a facewipe first just to get the bulk of my makeup off. However you can just go straight in there with this as it's brilliant at removing makeup - even stubborn waterproof eyeliner. A big plus for me is that it doesn't irritate my eyes - I have really sensitive eyes so harsh fragranced products makes them sting, bloodshot and watery. Cleanse and Polish isn't overly fragranced too, I think it just has a subtle 'clean' smell. 

I've been using this for around three weeks now which I think is a fair trial. I will obviously update this if anything goes wrong or I decide I hate it but to be honest I don't think I could stray away from this now! It's is definitely becoming a staple in my skincare routine and as I use it both morning and night I see myself repurchasing very soon. It makes my skin look so much clearer and fresher, and it always feels beautiful after I've used this too - so smooth and that real 'cleansed' feeling!

Overall if you're looking for a cleanser and you don't want to fork out £20 + for a high end one - try this! It's definitely worth the money and although 'High End' I don't find it to be too expensive. There's no point in wanting your makeup to look nice if your skin isn't looked after properly and this is the first step.
Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?
Emma xx

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