Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Liz Earle Series: Unboxing

My skin has gone crazy recently and I decided it was about time to invest in a good brand of skincare products. For ages I've been using your Clearasils, Clean and Clears and various other pharmacy/drugstore/inexpensive things and a lot of the time they caused bad reactions or I could never find anything that worked for me (apart from exfoliators, love the one from Witch - their products seem to be some of the best I've tried, especially the Witch Stick for spots!) 

Anyway, I've recently had a nightmare breakout on my face and I look terrible. I still have a spot on my forehead reminiscent of a unicorn, it's that big! Plus I'm dying to get rid of all my blackheads, and clogged and large pores and hopefully just have really good, calm, healthy clear skin! This breakout has made me want to seek out something better and I've decided to invest in Liz Earle products seeing as so many people rave about her Cleanse and Polish. They had an offer on the website which meant you could buy a bundle of things for however many pounds (around £40 I paid but there are various offers they do and they change all the time!) I am dubious about having spent so much on these products but hopefully when put to the test it'll pay off.

In the next few weeks as I try out these products I'll be blogging about them too to keep track of my opinion and of course anyone who happens to stumble across my blog can have a nosey too. 

However as it is skincare this might take a few weeks as I don't want to use something twice and go 'oh yeah it's great' and then a week later my face falls off. (Not that that would happen but you know!) I basically just want to give it all a fair trial so you can see some honest opinions.

Here are a few sneak peek pictures of how everything came packaged. I must say I was really pleasantly surprised at how it was all put together and wrapped - so lovely and it felt like I was really unwrapping a luxurious bundle of products!

You may be able to tell from above (or not) but I got a few free samples too which I was also pleased with. I got a free mini cleanse and polish which I intend to take on holiday with me and samples of the Sheer Skin Tint in every shade. Included also was a makeup catalogue which looks like a painting shade book and a Liz Earle booklet about the brand. I also got another free muslin cloth so definitely a treat, felt like I was getting more for my money which was nice!

I'll be sure to keep you updated on these products as I progress - and what I actually got! I'm going to call it the Liz Earle series because I have so much!

Emma xx

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