Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Style Crush #1 Lana Del Rey

Last year I discovered Lana Del Rey. I loved her sound, her personality and her style and was so happy for her that she really shot to fame early this year. This can be classed as what you could call a girl crush - but no I'm going all lezzie on ya - it's more of the sense of 'Freaking hell, I would really love to be you' haha! Her album is something I can't go for long without listening to, it compliments so many other styles of music that I like that at least one Lana song features in every playlist I make. I wish I could have the chance to wear the makeup and clothes she has, be styled in such an elegant yet cool way - but a girl can only dream! She's graced the covers of Vogue and many other high fashion magazines. Plus Mulberry have named a bag after her, does life get better than that?

I love her modern twist on vintage inspired styles from the fifties, I love her thick long fake eyelashes and bold eyeliner, the way she wears her (often nude) lipstick in such a fashion I could never achieve as I'll never have lips that pouty! Her skin always looks flawless, her hair always looks bouncy and healthy and glossy and timeless and when styled I love the way it's giving a nod to the fifties/sixties beehives that I wish were more acceptable to wear in day to day life (Think 'National Anthem' video!)

She's so cool but tough yet sweet and pretty and quiet - I think her image speaks volumes and that she how she often says little, speaks quietly and softly, emphasise the statements of her songs. She is definitely one of my favourite 'Women of 2012' and I'd probably give my left leg to be her quite frankly.

I admire how she's stayed strong throughout criticisms and the bad things that come along with fame, there were a few live performances I heard where I thought, oh no she's surely better than this, but she's surpassed them in more recent things I've heard which again is great and gives the illusion of a growing artist. 

She's got real talent and amazing style so I thought I'd post a few pictures where I've loved her hair or makeup or clothes, and share my Lana love!

Imagine having a beehive and a pout to rival Lana's though - life would be bliss!

Emma xx

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