Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #3

As inconsistent as I have been with this, I have not been inconsistent with adding more things that I want to own and try onto my wishlist mentally. If only money wasn't an issue!

Firstly, we have an Asos bag. I recently got a really exciting present that I'm going to share with you soon, which would usually reside in a bag but I actually feel that none of the bags I own are nice enough for the item in question! I've kind of been looking at bags just to see whats out there and I love this black patterned satchel from Asos. At £30 I don't think it's too bad, now to just see the size of it - will my mystery present fit in it? That is the question!

Clockwise one we have the YSL Shocking mascara. I need it. It's had rave reviews and I already feel like it would be my 'perfect' mascara. However the price is high at £23 so I would really have to find a good reason to treat myself to it! Do you think it's worth it?

Next is a Stila blush, the cream ones in particular. Isn't the packaging sweet? I'd like to own all of them but a girl can only dream. After sampling one in Boots I've made it my mission to go back and actually purchase one but I cannot decide which shade I prefer. I quite like the bronzer too. To be honest I like the look of all of their products but hey ho!

I also really want to try the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm Stain thingy-ma-jiggy-bobbies. I love the idea of on the go colour, you don't have to be too fussed with precision and you can apply them sheer or build up the colour which I really like the idea of. I haven't looked at the shade selection for the UK yet so we'll have to see if I like any enough to buy, but ideally I'd love a coral/peachy toned one - I don't know if there is one but that would be a dreamy shade for my holidays.

Lastly is the NARS Sheer Glow foundation. I also really would like the Sheer Matte too - unfortunately there isn't a John Lewis or NARS counter in any other store near me so if I do decide to buy I can't try first or know my shade so I'll have to guess - rubbish! However I've never had a NARS product and although their eyeshadows have rave reviews I would like to build up my variety when it comes to picking a foundation in the morning as I like to change things up. I have no preference for matte/sheer/dewy/natural as long as they cover relatively well, aren't heavy or cakey and prove to be worth the money! Hopefully I can try on out in the near future :)

Enough window shopping from me, it makes me want to spend my money so badly. Which reminds me - I really need to get cracking on securing myself a job. Fingers crossed!
What products have caught your eye recently?

Emma xx

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