Thursday, 17 January 2013

Daily Want

I want lots of things, I'll be the first to admit that my 'wish-list' is about as long as my leg! But I thought I'd pop up these mini posts of things I see and like instead of compiling a whole list. It probably won't be daily (I just couldn't think of a better name) but it's a good way for me to keep a log of things I like.

I am obsessed with this Asos dress! What caught my eye was the jacquard embroidery print, subtle but soo pretty and feminine. It's the sort of item that is so me because I can pair something pretty like this with my boots and leather jacket, fur collar etc and really make it a bit edgier while still having that pretty, girly feel! I think it's perfect for the remainder of winter and spring and the cut is so lovely as it can be a casual daytime dress or dressed up with some heels and a long necklace for an evening out. The oversized style means it'll be comfortable which again gets another tick in my book. To be honest I would style it similarly to how Asos have advertised it here, I like the bohemian look with the headband and gold necklace accent.

The price? Well I'd like to pay less for it but the fact is I like it so much I would probably pay the £38. I think it should be around the £30-£32 mark really but oh well!

While writing this post I was a bit naughty and decided to purchase it, so I'll have to do a follow up post on what it looks like and if I'll be keeping it! I probably will, but it all depends on the sizing as I'm so small some dresses just drown me in material. It's oversized I know, but hopefully it won't be too oversized that it's unwearable. I'll be popping up more of these posts I think - it really helps me to sit and think about whether I really want/need something (sit and persuade myself to part with the £££) which is always better than impulse shopping!

Emma xx


  1. This dress is gorgeousss. Owww, might have to treat myself hahaha. Btw, I absolutely love your blog!xxxx

  2. Aw thank you Kerry! I found the dress is actually quite long D: going to have to take it up I think - just something to think about if you do order it cause I know you're little like me haha. Materials gorgeous though! xxx