Sunday, 20 January 2013

Daily Want!

I decided to pop these up consecutively because I mentioned in the previous post that I saw them both at the same time and both of the items would serve the same purpose! Although I do apologise if two Daily Want posts, both consisting of bags is a little samey. This bag from Topshop is another 'holdall' type that I would basically use to put most things I own in when I go anywhere.

I love the studded detailing on this, and the price is more forgiving at £40. I don't own a bag this colour so it would be nice change from my usual black leather style. I also like the over shoulder function as thats the way I like to wear most bags. I would say the black bag is more versatile and would go with more of my outfits and outerwear. If I can find something similar to either of these for slightly less I'd be chuffed, if not I might make a cheeky order on payday!

Emma xx

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