Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Daily Want!

Miss Selfridge £35

It's so hard to find nice dresses on the internet that won't bury my petite 5"2 self. Being only able to shop in petite sections can be so limiting when it comes to choosing a dress (and makes me hate dress shopping) but I stumbled across this beauty and it's exactly the sort of thing I should go for when I'm dress shopping. It's quite dainty and figure hugging - there isn't too much material which compliments a petite figure like mine well. It's also in my favourite colour for going out (so adventurous am I) and I loooove the detailing. I'm a sucker for anything with velvet detail, and the lace is gorgeous too. My boyfriend keeps telling me 'those dresses with the cut out bits are hot' so I figure this is going to get the seal of approval and might possibly be a contender for any Valentines day events?! The price is pretty much what I would pay for a good quality high street dress, for a little black dress that would probably get lots of use it's quite good and Miss Selfridge are offering 20% off at the minute so I definitely recommend having a look! I really need to stop talking myself into buying things, I can see a pattern starting to form here D:

Emma xx

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