Thursday, 17 January 2013

Manicure Heroes: OPI Nail Envy

In the past few months I've gotten in to doing my nails so much more than I did before. I went through a false nail phase, but when applied myself the glue just ruined my poor claws. So now I've vowed to look after my nails and the secret behind my newly strong and well groomed nails is this bad boy: OPI Nail Envy. 

I said to myself I would never blog about something so mundane - it's not even a proper nail polish - but it's really strengthened and helped my nails so much that for anyone seeking out help in the manicure department - you need this! I have the matte version, which has the same ingredients as the original, just isn't as glossy. The ingredients - for the record - are a combination of calcium, wheat proteins and other vitamins. The only reason for a warining is the inclusion of formalhydene which is a preservative used in many things and can turn your nails slightly yellow (and could possibly be an irritant) I've had no problems with this though! There are multiple other versions available but I decided to start off with the basic one after hearing some really good reviews. 

I apply this before I paint my nails as a base coat. On the nails it's just a glossy clear coat but in the bottle you can see it's kind of milky. It's a really good way to prep your nails for painting and I find that it doesn't just make my nails stronger and healthier, it helps my nail polish last longer. I really recommend this product for doing exactly what it says on the tin, OPI are a great brand and you wouldn't be disappointed if you were to give this a whirl!

Emma xx

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