Monday, 14 January 2013

Nails Inc Berry Collection

Well hello there blog. We haven't met in a while but I'm back for good, back in the swing of things and back finishing posts! For a few months towards the end of last year I'd write and write and be too damn critical of myself to ever press publish. Lack of confidence maybe? I think that was possibly it. But if I managed to blog during sixth form times (where admittedly thanks to a few people confidence was an all time low) then I can blog now. 

I am facing this year head on, got my determined face on and I'm back to writing, back to expressing myself (oo la how lame)

Anyway I thought I'd kick things of with a little review. I received this Nails Inc set for Christmas from my lovely boyfriend's sisters and I absolutely love it. 

No matter what time of year it is I always love a good berry shade, whether it's a fuchsia/raspberry tones or a dark and sumptuous red shade anything in that sort of range is definitely 'my thing.' 
When I was younger I often painted my nails black (throwback to emo self) Fast forward a few years and I still love the drama of a black nail, but have discovered shades such as Victoria (which is actually a 'Hero Shade' for Nails Inc) This sort of shade gives a quirky twist on the old dark and vampy nail trend. It's such deep shade of berry that it's almost black and I definitely love it for that reason. You have to apply the most coats of this if you want to reach it's true vampy potential but a sheer coat, when evenely done, can look lovely too.

Next up, Picadilly Circus is your perfect deep fuschia tone. A traditional shade, but not as bright, more raspberry toned. It's perfect for the typical berry themes of Autumn and Winter but I would personally wear this in summer too as I don't find it too dark - all in all a good all rounder. This is the one I am currently wearing on my nails as I type and apart from the fact it wasn't my neatest attempt at a manicure, I am definitely in love with the colour.

After that St Pancras is a gorgeous red berry shade, think 'Oxblood' or a bloody red with a hint of brown in it. This colour is gorgeous for a night out, it's sophisticated and deep enough to be a nice alternative from your pillar-box red nail. It's very vampy and is probably my favourite shade from the bunch.

Lastly is Jermyn Street - probably a colour that  I wouldn't have looked twice at at a Nails Inc counter, but is actually the one I am most surprised about. This is probably the most wearable in terms of being an everyday colour. It's a lovely muted rose shade that is still in the berry family but could almost be neutral. 

All in all some brilliant nail varnishes that apply with the same high quality and opaquness as all other Nails Inc shades. I'd say two coats, and a lick of Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat for extra glosiness and you're done. I'm building up quite a NI collection now and I'm not ashamed, they are definitely my favourite Nail brand and worth the pennies!

This set was £25 from the Nails Inc website. 

What are your thoughts? Are berry shades A/W staples only or a trend you go for all year round?

Emma xx


  1. I love the oxblood shade, nails inc are such lovely polishes :)
    Daniella x

  2. wow. such beautiful shades. i can't even say which one i like the most.
    your blog is awesome. so glad i came across.

    1. The set is lovely isn't it :) and thank you sweet! xx

  3. Love every single shade here!berry colours are my favourite.great post xx