Friday, 15 February 2013

Chanel Perfection Lumiere

(I apologise for the selfies, I am SO BAD at taking photos of myself so these were the best/most representative of the foundation out of a bad bunch!) 

I'm so late to the party when it comes to reviewing this, but I picked it up a couple of months ago after admiring a friend's skin in a photo and she told me it was Perfection Lumiere. I love Chanel makeup, if you can bare to part with the money then you will know that nothing feels more luxurious on the face than a bit of good ol' Chanel.

This foundation costs £36 in the UK - probably on the higher end of the scale that I'm willing to pay, but considering my well loved Double Wear is about £27 and my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is £33 - for a premium brand it's not that bad and can be completely justified when you see the results!

First of all,  I love the packaging. It's so classy with the square black lid and the frosted glass finish. The fact that it has a pump is also brilliant and the actual size of the foundation bottle is quite small. The size makes it good for travelling, but the heaviness of the glass may not be so great for lugging around.
I think the selection of shades Chanel have is really great, there is something for everyone and there are different tones available depending on the warmth of your skin. For the record I'm shade 20 Beige which is a 'warm' shade 2. I can see myself going up a couple of shades in the summer, but for now this matches my skin amazingly well.

I apply this with my beloved Real Techniques Buffing brush to get the most even airbrushed result. No matter what 'makeup look' I'm going for, I always try to achieve a flawless base and this foundation definitely does that. I find that the formula glides on to the skin so nicely, it's a creamy consistency but not too thick which I like. It blurs out all pores and fine lines to leave a really refined, more flawless finish. I'm most porous around my nose and where my cheek and nose meet (sound like I'm describing a rock) but Perfection Lumiere completely covers all my pores and my skin looks so clear and healthy. The coverage is medium and definitely buildable so perfect for those who want to add a little more coverage on 'bad skin days' as it does cover spots fairly well. It definitely nails the 'Perfection' part of the name and I always turn to this for evenings out because I absolutely love the finish. On my skin I wouldn't say Perfection Lumiere is matte, but it's certainly not on the dewy end of the scale either. It's more like 'your skin but perfected' and very natural, so a nice in between. On me it lasts a good 8 hours before any touching up is needed, but it's very rare that I need to wear makeup for that long.

I do think that the 'Lumiere' part of the name is achieved in the foundation too. Lumiere basically means 'light' in french and so with this foundation Chanel wanted to achieve a healthy glow finish. There's no glitter or anything too over the top here, but when your skin does hit the light there is a more emphasised natural highlight there which just looks so healthy and radiant. I prefer this radiant finish too the sometimes dull matte finish of Double Wear (still love DW though!)

When I saw the photos of my friend wearing this there was no flashback and her skin looked gorgeous. I did wear it out on a night out with the girls and I did suffer a little from flashback face. The spf is low at 10 but would be better with none like NARS Sheer Glow or Laura Mercier Silk Creme.

I save this foundation for going out or special occasions purely because of the price and the fact it's Chanel - I'd never waste it on a 'lounging around the house' day! I do love it though and would definitely buy it again. 

Emma xx

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