Monday, 18 March 2013

Daily Want

So I just got the blog spot app, and I am currently so happy that I can now blog 'on-the-go' (let's face it I'm never on the go anywhere) but for a quickie post it's so simple and easy! I thought I'd try a 'Daily Want' as this is the easiest sort of post to upload.

I've been coveting this little offering from Nars for a while. I have not dabbled in the world of Nars eyeshadows yet and I am desperate to do so - this could possibly be a good first step because you get six shades, a brush and the eyeshadow primer which is supposed to be brilliant.

All the shades available look right up my street (hello pretty world of neutrals) and I could see myself getting a lot of wear from each one. For £40.50 I think this is great value for money considering a duo of shadows from Nars retails at around £25. If this palette is still about come payday, you know which counter ill be heading to!

What are you coveting for that payday treat?

Emma xx

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