Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder


I've been filling in my brows now for quite some time. I've tried and disliked quite a few high street products (Rimmel Brow Pencil I'm looking at you) but I decided to try a powder from NYX nearly a year ago and I've been loving that ever since. I didn't want to splurge on Mac because there isn't one near me and I didn't want to gamble on shades - I thought this NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Duo would do 'for now' but I've continued using it and loving it ever since!

My eyebrows are an okay shape but quite sparse in areas like at the front, and towards the tail end of one because of some scarring. I love natural brows more than anything and I think it's so easy to get brows wrong (something I'm going to say a hell of a lot of girls do in the UK!) I dislike that really fake looking drawn on look, so something more gentle and a lot softer like a brow powder is perfect because you're able to build it up and replicate the texture of your brows with fine strokes using a thin angled brush. This is exactly what I do and how I manage to improve the look of my brows without looking obviously like I've enhanced them!

This was a product I hadn't really heard much about in the beauty world. I would say it is definitely underrated. I have the shade DarkBrown/Brown in the Eyebrow Cake Powder. The two shades included are perfect and match brilliantly to my brow and hair colour. If I want a more natural brow I will use the lighter of the two shades, for a stronger brow I add in the darker shade. I find them really pigmented and longwearing, even without brow gel there is no chance of the powder smudging or slipping.

I am thinking of lightening my hair a bit, and this means changing what I use on my brows (I'm not brave enough to try the Delevigne look) so I will definitely repurchase this product in a lighter shade when I do this. I think MAC eyeshadows and various brow pencils are the things people tend to go for when wanting to 'do' their brows so hopefully I've brought something a little different to the table full of overhyped products!

Emma xx

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