Sunday, 24 March 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

I've had this foundation for a while now and was quite surpise I hadn't really mentioned it on here before. It is the first thing I have ever tried from Laura Mercier although my wishlist for her line is an impressively long one! Some people collect stamps or coins, I collect makeup - comprende? Of course, I'm sure if anyone reads this you're of the same mind set so if I mention I added yet another foundation to the collection you won't be offended? Didn't think so.

So Silk Creme has been hyped up so much recently - in the past 6 months or so it seems to be -the- thing to try and so naturally that meant I had to save up and click check out! I would have bought this a lot earlier if it wasn't for a disastrous experience in a John Lewis beauty hall with a member of staff that was definitely not a makeup expert. She colour matched me to a shade way too dark and yellow for me and I was scared off for a while admittedly! When I decided to eventually buy it I matched myself and from swatches and blogs I guessed that Cream Ivory would be a safe bet to go by. I am fair skinned but definitely with a warm undertone so I like my foundation to have a yellow base. When delivered and tried for the first time I discovered it was a perfect match which was great news as who wants to waste £33 - definitely not me.

Like I said, it retails at £33 which isn't cheap but for a high end brand that's what you should expect. I think for the perfect base money shouldn't be an object - whether it costs you £6 or £60 what works for you and your skin is the most important thing! 

I find Silk Creme really comfortable to wear on an all day basis. I find it long lasting with a good 8 hours wear and it gives a really beautiful natural looking finish. Like all the other blogs surely say; you only need the tiniest bit to use on your whole face because it's so pigmented. It means you can have a really thin, light layer but still get all the coverage you need - which means no cakiness which is my biggest foundation fear!  The consistency is quite creamy and I wouldn't call this a 'runny' foundation. The finish of it is really nice and very natural and skin-like. I wouldn't say it was matte or dewy - just a nice inbetween satin finish. 

The longeviy of Silk Creme I find to be pretty good - I wore it from around 2pm on Saturday till about 1 in the morning and found that when I came home my base was still looking great! To get the more flawless but natural finish I like to use ether my Real Techniques Buffing or Expert Face brush - both are soft and dense and quite a good size so you can cover a good amount of your face quickly! I apply a bit of concealer first as this stops me wasting so much foundation - once blemishes/dark spots are concealed I use Silk Creme just to even out my skin tone all over and make my skin look really healthy and flaw-free. This definitely isn't a foundation that I have to worry about in terms of orangeness (none) or oxidising as the shade I have is a fantastic match for my skin. Although I do like to pay attention when applying it I feel like if I was in a rush I could just chuck a bit of Silk Creme on and it would look nice for the rest of the day. I particularly like using this on nights out - or on days where any photo opportunities may crop up as it has no spf which means no flashback white face (yes!) 

Because of the hype surrounding this foundation I wasn't initially wowed. I didn't get 'it' if you like - it didn't magically transform my skin or make me go 'oh my god this is amazing' but since I've used it in a variety of situations and in different makeup looks I've grown to love it and it's become my go-to base in partnership with another foundation as I alternate between the two (will post about that one soon!)

Overall don't listen to the exaggerated hype. This foundation isn't God's gift to women BUT it is pretty fantastic coverage-wise/shade-wise and/finish-wise. I couldn't be without it now! It's a real reliable foundation and I think it would be suitable for pretty much all skin types. It works really well with Laura Merciers primers - if you think this foundation lacks that bit of radiance then try it with the radiance primer and see what you think - I love that combo! Overall it's definitely worth the price tag and is a really lovely easy to wear product, once you know how it works best for you it can do wonders!

Emma xx

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  1. Wanted to try this for ages but didn't know where I could find it, will be heading out to John Lewis!
    Kirsty x