Friday, 22 March 2013

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

I'm not going to pretend - these photos are hideous quality and terribly grainy. Well, just terrible in general. I'm sorry - bad camera day + plus no patience from me = this. Don't hate me!

Two lip product posts in a row, is that bad? After the other days slightly negative ramblings about Rimmels apocalips I thought I would cheer my blog up a bit by posting about a product that I really do love, and something that's different from everything else I own in my lip-product wardrobe!

The Nars lip pencils have been around for quite a while but it was only the other month that I picked one up. I have the shade Sex Machine, ironically all of the Nars items I own have slightly risqué names!  (Don't read in to it - ha)

Sex Machine is a gorgeous everyday pink colour, that has a slightly muted mauve tone to it. It's a great girly shade that could be worn everyday as it's super pigmented - opaque in one swipe - yet not too bright and in your face! It's a perfect colour if you wanted to wear a fuss-free lip as the fact it's a pencil means the ease of application is there - you barely have to look as it's just so simple to use. .

I expected a 'Matte Lip Pencil' to be hard in texture and very drying but that couldn't be any further from reality here. The product applies so smoothly and softly that you can really see why they were named 'Velvet Matte' pencils. Velvetty and soft describes the finish and texture down to a T. The formula is creamy and soft but not thick and I find when wearing it that it feels as though it's barely there - which is nice for everyday use as it's light in weight and doesn't look too much. So, a thin layer of product that lasts hours, not drying yet nice and creamy? I think we're on to a winner here.

The only thing I will say about the Nars Lip Pencils is that they require sharpening - if you're lazy this could become a negative! I must admit when I sharpen mine I pull a bit of a sulky face at all the excess wasted shavings of the product that end up in the bin - but that's me for you! It's nice to finally own a bit of Nars anyway - and don't worry this isn't where my stash ends (other reviews will be up soon) but despite my current not so small stash I can't wait to expand because I am in love with the entirety of the Nars line. I'd definitely recommend trying one of these out - Nars do quite a few variations of their pencil products so whatever finish you like there's something to suit everyone - brilliant.

Have you ever tried these pencils? 

Emma xx

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