Monday, 18 March 2013

Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser

I finished my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser a while ago and knew that whilst in the market for new skincare goodies, the brand I wanted to try out the most was Origins. In the blogasphere and land of youtube, bloggers and vloggers alike have praised many a Origin product and as I'm a trusting little lemming, who will buy if she is told she needs it, I took the plunge and ventured into world Origins Cleansers. I had only prevously tried one product from them before, that being the Out of Trouble Face Mask (dammit - review and thoughts on that need to be documented asap) so I was unsure as to whether my cleanser of choice would live up to the lush-skin-goodness that the face mask gave me.

Firstly what attracted me to Origins? They pride themselves on being powered by nature, and although 'natural' is a vague term in the beauty world the ingrediant gallery on the origins website shows us the main things that were putting on our face. They use natural ingreidants, plant extracts and essential oils all mixed together to create their world and if it's kind to the Earth, well I'm going to like it! All Origins products, including this cleanser are made without; paragons, phthalates, propylene alcohol, mineral oil, PABA, petroleum, paraffin, DEA and synthetic colour. Sounds pretty good to me!

I was so unsure on which cleanser to pick, I'm indecisive over the simplest of things but choosing what I'm going to be putting on my face twice a day, every day seemed quite a big decision and one that was going to cost around £20 so I did not take it lightly! The reason I chose Checks and Balances was because it's suitable for all skin types. My skin isn't oily at all, ever,  but it doesn't really seem to get dry either and it's definitely far from perfect but when identifying my skin 'type' I just have to go with 'normal to dehydrated' Some days I have a spot and the surrounding skin becomes dry, some rare days my skin might feel oilier depending on what I've been doing (extremely rare) and for general dehydration I thought this cleanser would be best as it's a bit of an all rounder. All skin can contain bad oils which this cleanser absorbs and all skin can become dry and because this cleanser tackles both it was a sensible choice. Origins says for an oilier skin it soaks up the bad oils whilst hydrating the skin and adding moisture boosting protection for dry areas. It does both without cancelling each other out (too much moisture/not enough) and also breaks down dirt to leave the skin clean and refreshed.

After using Checks and Balances for about two months now I can now write my thoughts about it and I've given it enough time to really test it out and get to grips with the product! Obviously everyone's skin is different so the fact that this works well for me may not be the same for someone else and similarly it may work even better on a third face - that's just individuality for you and different skin types. But I can gladly report that the transition in to using this cleanser was really smooth, I had no breakout issues and since I've been using it I've actually noticed that I've barely had any spots at all. (This must be kicking any bad oils lurking around my skin in the butt) I get the odd spot, if that, and it's usually down to hormonal time of the month sorta thing (thanks mumma nature!) Despite going against everything Caroline Hirons says, I actually love the fact that this cleanser foams up. It doubles in size when you start working it into the skin and then by adding water too you can really cleanse your whole face with the tiniest pea-size blob. The cleanser is quite thick and what I personally do (another Hirons top tip) is massage it into dry skin first and then add water as needed to loosen up the clanser and make it easier to move it around my face, lift off all the dirt and do a bit of a facial massage! I leave it on for a good few minutes before I wash off just to give it a real good period of time to break down makeup, lift of dirt and absorb all the nasty oils that have developed throughout the day. Although I do an initial cleanse with either a micellar water or face wipe I think Checks and Balances is really great at removing face makeup and my skin always feels wonderfully clean afterwards without a fleck of foundation in sight. 

My warning I'll give is to remove your eye makeup first! With my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser I could practically rub it into my eyes and it wouldn't sting - and I have really sensitive eyes that water and puff up at anything - but Checks and Balances stings like a mother I can confirm. It's not an eye makeup remover though and it doesn't claim to be. I'm not a person that particularly thinks your cleanser should be a makeup remover - hence why we can buy two separate products for the two separate jobs and when you buy one that does it all it may not do everything as well as youd like it to. I think as long as a cleanser  keeps your skin clean and healthy and hydrated then that ticks all the boxes for me and for it's face makeup removing skills -that's a great bonus. But if you want an all in one bish bash bosh done cleanser - waterproof mascara and all - then this isn't for you.

Overall my skin has been looking really healthy, brighter, clearer and more plump and hydrated since using this. If I do have a breakout it takes out all the bad oils and if my skin is dehydrated it pumps the moisture back in and leaves it feeling lovely and soft and best of all clean once I'm finished using it! It's a joy to massage in every night because I love the consistency of it and works really well with the rest of my skincare. It's made foaming cleansers my favourite type and my skin so far has never been nicer! 

I still have more than 3/4 of the tube left after about two months of use which is pretty great and shows just how long this product is going to last. You do get a hefty 150ml in the tube which I think is pretty good for the price of £17. Now I know how much I enjoy using this and how nice it has been to my skin, it's definitely a contender for the repurchase list. I'm loving Origins even more with the more products I try and I'm definitely excited to try more things from them. If you have any recommendations please do let me know, I will be back with more Origins reviews as my little stash is growing!

Emma xx

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