Sunday, 24 March 2013

Revlon Cream Blush in Pinched

I love cream eyeshadows and by now I probably own quite a few. But I had never delved in to the world of cream blushes before so on a break at work I was perusing the drugstore items and came across the Revlon ones. I like Revlon as a high street brand. Great nail varnishes, lipsticks are pleasant and their colourstay foundation is firmly in the good books so I thought I could rely on them not to disappoint!

There are only 3 shades available in the cream blush range from Revlon from what I could see, which is quite sad. The other two looked a bit scary in the pan as well (bright red or a hot fuchsia pink) My pick was the least inoffensive, adventurous one but a shade that did grab my attention as being a lovely baby peachy-pinky-coral tone. It's quite warm toned with the tiniest bit of golden shimmer running through it. It would show up best on paler girls but would also add a subtle bit of colour on tanned skin.

Unfortunately, looking at the product is where any enjoyment gained from it will end! The formula is creamy and feels really soft but this is only because it's packed with silicones. It applies patchy and almost disappears when you attempt to blend it into the skin. On top of that it sits in my pores, exaggerating them and building up gunk in them - this not only looked gross but can also cause break outs! The colour is really sheer so you have to build up a lot to get any pay off and longevity - well there's none. You could wipe your cheek and the product would come off, and even without that you would notice after an hour to two hours that it had disappeared/become extremely patchy. 

I wouldn't recommend picking this up if you're of a medium-deep skin tone as the sheer layers it applies in may mean it would show up even less! I also wouldn't recommend this if you are sensitive to silicone  either, as demithecone is a prime ingredient. Although saying these I wouldn't recommend picking this up at all, a waste of money!

Overall not an amazing product, my first try at cream blushes was not successful. Now I've dipped my toe into the drugstore end of the cream blush world I might have a wander to premium beauty - more specifically the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. I've heard great reviews and think if you were like me and disappointed by Revlons offerings then a trip to Bobbi Brown will definitely right the cream-blush wrongs!

Emma xx

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