Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rimmel Apocalips - An Honest Review

There's been a buzz about these for ages now, even before they were released and although I'm more partial to a high end lip product, I just had to pick up an Apocalips to see what all the fuss was about. My love for cosmetics is never ending and even though now I'm more likely to purchase from Nars, Chanel and YSL as I have broadened my beauty horizon I will never discard the 'drugstore' end of the spectrum because there are more than a few gems hidden amongst the self selection aisles. I was curious to see whether the Apocalips range would be included on the 'hit' list rather than the misses.

So for anyone who isn't aware, the Apocalips (£5.99) are a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid that fall into the 'lip laquer' family. They apply like a gloss except with the opaque pigmentation of a lipstick and without the stickiness and gloopiness of a gloss. Sounds perfect right?

I gave in to the hype and bought one of these in the shade Luna. My first thumbs up to Rimmel is awarded because of the shade range, there are 8 shades to choose from which I think is quite good - from nudes, to pinks to berry tones to a bold red lip there is something that most people will like here which is worthy of some kind of praise. I chose Luna because I'm a sucker for peachy-pinks at the minute. It looked like a great everyday shade and very pretty on the eyes.

It's a shame to say though that I'm slightly disappointed with this latest offering from Rimmel. Although I like the pigmentation and the shade range there are too many things I dislike about this lipgloss. Firstly the way it applys is a little strange, you have to scrape off most of the product that comes out on the doe foot applicator when you pull it out because if you apply too much it tends to gather in the natural lines of your lips, sits on top of the lips without really sinking or blending in and it also builds up in the corners of your mouth - attractive. I find the doe foot applicator a little clumsy too, I actually found it easier to use the applicator backwards because again you end up with too much product on the lips. The product kind of imprints the texture of the applicator on to the lips and by this I mean it applies a little streaky and line-y despite being fully opaque - if it was less pigmented maybe that would be less noticeable but because it is such a block of solid colour you don't want streaky application!

Also the smell is just not something I can get over. Guys, it smells cheap. It's sad to say it but when I go from applying my Chanel foundation (which just smells heavenly like all their products) to pplying this it's just not a good experience. It smells plasticky and very reminiscent of the smell of play dough which as a child was something I never liked (and as an adult, something I don't want my cosmetics to remind me of)

In terms of longevity it isn't great either. It stays around for a couple of hours tops before you have to go through the chore-like process of applying again. While it's on the lips as well as highlighting dry patches you already have, I found the Rimmel Apocalips to be drying themselves so once the wet feeling of having product on your lips has gone, you're left with dry lips and flakes of whatever colour it was you were wearing floating around your lips - yum. It's not the worst product ever for drying out the lips but definitely not the best.

So for reference I will be sticking to my YSL Glossy Stains and Armani Lip Maestros - it was a good attempt from the high street to replicate the liquid lipstick trend but unfortunately in this case you do get what you pay for - a less impressive, drying knock-off version. I was disappointed to not like this product so much because a lot of people seem to like them but that does go to show everyone is different! I'll say I won't buy another one but knowing me I probably will - despite all the bad points the pigmentation is pretty good and maybe that's enough to win me over? Who knows. (I might have a look at the nude shade because perhaps thats more forgiving and less noticeably drying) In general though I just don't get the hype - Sorry Rimmel! 

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