Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Origins Exfoliators: The Lo-down

Never a Dull Moment Face Polisher - £24
I started using this in February and I originally bought it as I thought it was a good alternative for a heavy duty exfoliator with large beads in (I was trying to be more gentle to my skin) The exfoliating particles are quite sharp but are a lot smaller than something you would see in a traditional exfoliator. The product has a gel like texture which is quite hard and needs to be loosened with water considerably. It aims to brighten the skin as the broken down papaya element of the product is like an enzyme peel. I do think my skin is smoother and somewhat brighter after using this product but I wouldn't repurchase this due to the fact that my dry skin which often is congested on my chin needs a better physical exfoliator. I have since switched to the Modern Friction exfoliator and this is working a lot better for me in terms of exfoliation and buffing dry and uneven skin away! Before this I used Liz Earles Jojoba Bead Exfoliator which also worked wonders for me, Never a Dull Moment didn't quite live up to it unfortunately hence why I decided to switch to Modern Friction.

Modern Friction Exfoliator - £31
I have only had this exfoliator for a couple of weeks, but it was love at first scrub when I was suffering from a bad case of dry scaly skin. It literally changed the texture and appearance of my skin and it has since become a staple in my routine! The Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator successfully smooths the skin and sloughs away every dead skin cell and every uneven bump on the skin. The particles of rice starch are cushioned in a cream that lathers up a little and soothes the skin. Lemon Oil is included to help add brightness and Vitamin C is also on the ingredients list. After using this my skin feels so much softer and looks so much clearer instantly. Over a long period of time it will help to even out the texture of my skin, buff away those nasty under the skin lumps and bumps and really improved my complexion. You only need to put a minimal amount of effort in when massaging it into the skin, not a lot of pressure is needed to get the best results so you really don't have to be too harsh. I find this to be a much more effective exfoliator than Never a Dull Moment, I think my skin is one that likes the tough love and the rougher the exfoliator is the better it seems! By revealing a newer layer of skin and taking dull, dead skin cells away it helps to make my face look brighter and helps keep my skin less congested, the result in terms of brightness is equal to Never a Dull Moment. Another exfoliator that does this well is Liz Earle's, I could happily alternate between these two and my skin wouldn't complain! The only downside is the price, when I bought it my skin was in desperate need of rescuing so I didn't even look at the expense but looking back it is a little steep!

Although I do like the Never a Dull Moment Exfoliator I feel as though a lot more effort needs to be put in to achieve the same result that Modern Friction gives with minimal effort and a smaller amount. I don't like the smell of it or the colour of NDM, and I think the colour is one of the reasons people think it brightens the skin! I am one for exfoliating often because I think a smooth base is best for makeup application. My skin does have small bumps under it, pesky congested pores on my chin and in the long run exfoliating helps to get rid of those. I tried to cut out manual exfoliators because I was worried they were too rough for my skin, but without them my skin was a mare and not even Never a Dull Moment could sort it out! This is why I love Modern Friction and why I switched, I use this for a physical exfoliator most mornings and I also use the Clarins Exfoliating Toner too for a less abrasive none-beaded exfoliator. This is what works for my dry skin, if you're looking for something more gentle than a traditional exfoliator then opt for Never a Dull Moment, if your skin gets dry and uneven in texture quickly like mine then go for Modern Friction!

I hope this was helpful in some way, I do think everyone needs a good exfoliate from time to time (or everyday if you're me) and Origins as a brand are one I really like for skincare.

Emma xx

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